I. Mask Making Materials Check List:

There are a number of materials for body casting on the market these days. However, I still find that using plain old gauze bandages that are impregnated with Plaster of Paris work fine and are most easily found and used by people.

All the materials I use are easily available from any "decent" craft store (such as a Michael's, Ben Franklin, Craft Barn, etc.)

If you have trouble finding plaster bandages, you can order them by mail from Dick Blick Art Materials Catalog 800.828-4548 or www.blickstudio.com. Product Rigid-Wrap Q33507 (about $4.55) works fine... A roll should be enough for several masks.

There are other casting materials they list in their catalog that you might want to experiment with. I've found that the simple plaster bandages work just fine.

materials and set up for making a face mask using plaster of paris
paper mache face mask wth plaster of paris

So, for making a Life Mask you'll want the following materials:

  • Roll of plaster impregnated gauze strips 

  • 1 Cup of DRY Plaster of Paris 

  • 2-3 plastic or paper bowls 

  • warm water 

  • petroleum jelly (or other suitably thick cream/moisturizer) 

  • scissors 

  • paper towels 

  • cloth head band 

  • cover up drape sheet (or old shirt.. I use an old bed sheet) 

  • clean up soap & towel 

  • mirror (hand mirror for client, or hanging mirror if you're doing yourself) 

  • instant camera (opt'l) – very interesting to capture a photo while "being plastered" 

  • table and comfortable chair ( I use a high chair for clients so I can easily move around them while standing up) 

Got your materials? Well then: Ready, Set, GO!

How To Make A Plaster Cast Face Mask!

Using Plaster of Paris and Your Face!