The Mask is an ancient symbol of transcendence and power.

It emits an almost eerie force field of latent power and potential; the sense of something deeply mysterious about to reveal itself; a spirit calling up secrets from within - and beyond...

The Mask has had a significant role throughout human civilization as a portal into the great mysteries of life and consciousness.

It was used by the great Shaman traditions of every known culture as a instrument for obtaining wisdom, gaining protection, seeking guidance, celebrating rites of passage, and for healing.

In more metaphysical terms, the mask is a way of reconnecting the "dreaming soul" with the every day living self.

I've discovered for myself, that mask making holds that same mysterious power of self-discovery today...

Contemporary Significance

I've noticed for years that people are fascinated by masks - and by the curious power they evoke. We have all probably sensed that odd sensation of a living presence when we gaze upon an ancient mask hanging in a museum or gallery -- or in theater.

In the more than 30 years I’ve been exploring masks and working with clients (ranging in age from only 17 months to 102 years!); in classrooms and workshops (ranging in size from 6 people to 80); for shamanic healing ceremonies; and on special Life Dream Masks on a commissioned basis, I continue to grow in my fascination and deep respect for the tremendous transforming power mask making holds for our contemporary and "high tech" lives.

Whether your interest is "purely artistic", more playful, or deeply soulful, making your Life Mask can show you something truly surprising and wonderful... what I call: "the spirit of the mask".

The Art of Mask Making


Self-Discovery & Art Therapy,

Children's Classroom Projects,

Ceremony & Theater

Using Plaster of Paris and Your Face!

photo collage: masks and reflections in shaman journey by aritst ronda larue